The honey products of VIANGPING BEE FARM are all 100% genuine honey.
Besides honey, the main products, we also have other products like milk, bee pollen is and wax.

Types of honey.

Longan honey brown sweet fragrant honey than lychee. Darker colors are not so much not crystallize
Lychee honey Amber Keep it up do not change color. Sweet mellow When the weather is cold crystallization. Or when placed in the refrigerator.
Wild flower honey The yellow brown. From various flowers. Cold crystallization time. Keep up the darker color.
Sunflower honey has yellow color , fragrant when cold crystallization.
Royal jelly is the food of worker bee larvae in culture, which is produced by glands of the head of the worker It will spit out the mouth into the ear tubes to avoid embryo.

Benefits of royal jelly.
Be used as a nutrient supplement. Enhance beauty. Cosmetics, etc. to be mixed.
Bee pollen is the pollen of plants that bees collect from flowers for the bees to culture embryos. And store backup in time of lack of Cat Brain pollen
Useful as a source of protein, bee We can eat. Anti-allergy, etc..
Wax products are made of glandular fever bee Looks solid white. Color may vary depending on the contamination of pollen A smell like honey. Or pollen.
Useful in the manufacture of cosmetics such as lipsticks, hair oil, paraffin used for casting the liquid mixture to scrub the floor. Polished leather.
Various polishing furniture. Sheets used to produce artificial nest used in beekeeping