Viangping Chiang Mai Bee Farm
Are very pleased to offer information and products from the honey bees are.

Honey is the nectar collected from flowers or lymph nodes of sweet sweet special tree Such as crops or wild plants. Through sub-processes within spitting out the bees and stored in tubes in a honeycomb grains. Typically, nectar from plants that have colors different flavor to the sugar structure is divergent from one another. We can specify the type of honey as honey from longan flowers. Lychee honey from flowers. Honey from sunflower Eupatorium odoratum honey from flowers etc.

Characteristics of good honey:

1. The natural color, ranging from light yellow to brown, and is transparent, not opaque.
2. The product should have a smell of honey or sources of flowers
3. The honey should have a high intensity and density, which means there should only be a small amount of water in the product.
Humidity should not exceed 18%.
Higher humidity can cause the germination of bacteria and damage the quality of honey.
4. The honey should be free of residue.
5.No additives or preservatives should be added in honey
6.Without taste or smell spoiled, sour flatten

Benefits of honey

1. Helps relieve fatigue and weariness.
2. Promoting health for the elderly. And patient recovery period.
3. Care for fresh nerve and brain bright
4. Relieves nervous. Irritability insomnia symptoms resolve cramp
5. Relieve cough and cold
6. Reduce acid in the stomach resolve constipation
7. Brad bed urinary symptoms in children.
8. Help increase red blood cells. Resolve anemia
9. Solve high blood pressure.